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Diversion Safes

These are some of the newest and unique Diversion Hidden Safes are good for protecting your jewelry, cash and keys. Diversion Or Hidden Safes are a great place to hide anything in plain sight. The Chicago Crime Commission states that a burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victim's home. It will be difficult for a burglar to find your valuables in a diversion safe. This is where a diversion safe comes in handy. Diversion safes look like everyday household items, perhaps a soda can or a flower pot or even a jar of peanut butter. No burglar will ever think to look inside these objects for your valuables especially when you consider that they will only take a few minutes to loot your entire home. Although you may be thinking that a fancy security system is the right type of home defense device to protect your valuables, this route can get expensive quickly. Diversion safes are a cheap alternative that in most cases are just as effective as these more involved security measures. Today, diversion safes are among the most popular home safety products. Diversion safes look just like the real object. They even have the same weight. The labels even look real. The only difference is the object has a false bottom or top that you can screw off so that you can hide your jewelry, cash, keys or important papers.

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