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Key Chain Pepper Sprays

These are the best Keychain Pepper Sprays $6.99. They have between 10% and 18% Pepper Spray. This is what make them so effective. They are extremely popular because you can carry them on your keychain. This way you don't ever have to worry about leaving home without your personal protection. These Pepper Spray Keychains are made by Pepper Shot, Wildfire and Mace. These are quality self defense sprays for a very reasonable price. These defense sprays will allow you to stop your attacker from a distance. You don't have to let an attacker get up on you before you take action. The spray distance on these defense sprays are 6 to 8 feet. They have great stopping power. An attacker can feel the effectives of these pepper spray for up to 45 minutes. These are some of the best non-lethal weapons in the Self Defense Industry.

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