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Cheap Pepper Sprays

We have Cheap Super Hot Police Strength Pepper Spray. We carry wholesale, discount and cheap pepper sprays. Our pepper sprays are top quality and affordable. We carry top Brand Pepper Sprays such as Mace, Pepper Shot and Wildfire Pepper Sprays. We have some the best pepper sprays for women. Many of our pepper sprays are key chain pepper spray. You can put them on your key chain or put them in your purse. Our pepper sprays are made with the best technology. They come with instructions. They are easy to use. Our Pepper Spray is great for women. Our Pepper Sprays are one of the most affordable personal protection devices. Pepper Spray is the most popular non-lethal weapon for self defense. Pepper sprays are safe and easy to use. They come with instructions. They are legal in most states. They are use by security guard and law enforcement all over the world. The best thing about pepper spray is that they are so affordable. Even if you are on a limited budget you can still invest in some quality pepper spray for your personal protection. Pepper Sprays come in different containers. Also, they have different strengths. Most pepper sprays have 10% pepper. However, there is police strength pepper spray like Wildfire. Wildfire pepper spray has 18% pepper. Also some Pepper Sprays have Tear Gas, UV Dye, Pepper Foam and Gel. There is also pink pepper spray for women. There is pepper spray available for women to carry while they are walking or jogging. Also, there is pink pepper spray. Women like the pink pepper spray because it looks so feminine. The most popular pepper spray for the women is the Lipstick Pepper Spray. Most pepper sprays can be carried on your keychain. Pepper Spray is designed to defend you from potentially harmful criminals. A one second burst to the face will cause temporary blindness, choking, coughing, and nausea-bringing the attacker to his knees. Pepper sprays are affordable and excellent self defense devices. FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $100.00. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD TO PURCHASE PEPPER SPRAY. WE DO NOT SHIP PEPPER SPRAYS TO CANADA OR OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. STATES THAT HAVE RESTRICTIONS ON PEPPER SPRAY Pepper Spray is legal in All 50 States. However, here is a few that have restrictions. New York ( Must have a license from firearms dealer) Massachusettes ( Must be a firearms dealer) Michigan ( Must be Michigan Approved Pepper Spray, See Website) Wisconsin ( Pepper Spray Can't Have Tear Gas) JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER TO GET DISCOUNT AND COUPONS UP TO 50% OFF CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: 901-870-1135 Email: frankiedr9@aol.com

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