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Stun Gun And Pepper Spray Self Defense

  • Double Trouble Stun Gun Review For Seniors

    Double Trouble Stun Guns For Seniors Double Trouble Stun Guns For Seniors

    Most of the crimes in our society is against women. Seniors or older women are even greater targets for criminals. One of the best ways for senior women to protect themselves is with a Stun Gun. One of the best stun guns for senior women is the ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun. This stun gun is very easy for a senior woman to use. It's easy to handle. Also, it's easy for a senior woman to grip the stun gun. She can operate it with one hand. She don't have to worry about someone taking the Stun Gun. This stun gun will give any woman including senior woman  good punching power against an attacker.

    Details About The Double Trouble Stun Gun For Seniors

    The Double Trouble is much more effective than your typical stun mechanism because the Double Trouble has much more space between contacts than does the average stun gun. Most stun devices have about 1.5 inches between the contacts whereas the Double Trouble has 5 inches! More space between the contacts means more power and just as importantly, more contact space with which to lay upon your attacker.

    The Double Trouble lets off a much louder than average crackle and a much bigger and brighter blue arc. If some low-life scumbag decides to approach, and ultimately attack, a senior and the senior fires this device off into the air I assure you that the assailant will strongly reconsider his next move and probably turn tail and run. If the assailant is smart they will turn tail and run because the Double Trouble's bite is every bit as bad as its bark.

    It also comes with a rubber coated soft contour grip which makes it much easier to hold and hang on to than your average stun gun, one of the reasons I think this stun device is ideal for senior citizens. It is a mean looking piece of hardware and that is because it is just that, mean. 1.2 million volts will make even the fiercest assailant lie down and play nice and the real beauty of it is that it won't have to take that assailant's life to do so. High voltage is what makes this (and any) stun gun effective but volts, contrary to popular belief, is not what proves to be fatal. It is amps that will take a person's life and that is why this device and every other stun gun uses the same high-voltage, low-amp scenario. This way they can be effective and humane all at the same time

    Benefits Of Carrying A Stun Gun For Self Defense

    Now here is something that people rarely talk about and that is a stun guns ability to deter attack without even having to touch the assailant. That's right; I am saying that you might not even need to use a stun gun for it to be effective. When a stun device fires it emits an eerie crackling noise accompanied with the discharge of a bright blue arc of electricity between the contacts. The higher the voltage and further the space between contacts and you get a louder crackle and brighter blue arc.

  • Popular Personal Protection Devices

    Personal Protection Products Personal Protection Products

    There are various personal protection devices on the market today. From the popular personal alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns to the relatively recent tasers, there is a market for each one of these. Its always good to choose a self defense device that suits your personality and convenience.

    Types Of Personal Protection Devices

    Throwing Stars: Other self defense products like throwing stars and throwing spikes can also be used. These again need some amount of target practice before you can rely on them at the time of need.

    Taser: A tasers is a weapon that fires wires to deliver a temporarily paralyze the attacker with an electric shock. It can be used multiple times too. The higher the voltage of the taser, the more incapacitating the affect.

    Personal Alarms: Personal alarms are also considered to be personal protection items. This is because they can be used at times when you are unable to fight back on your own.  Attached to the keychain or the side of a wheel chair, these personal alarms can be used to alert other people who can be called for help.

    Choosing A Personal Protection Device

    Effectiveness.: You are faced with the task of protecting your life or the life of your loved ones. And so, you have to find the right product that will be able to stop an attacker. Most women settle for pepper sprays or mace sprays as they can stop an attacker and give them enough time to get away and call for help. Other individuals opt to have those that have stronger stopping power. These people will settle for a stun gun or a Taser gun. Furthermore, it might be wise to buy self defense devices that are disguised as everyday items one can carry inside a bag. There are products which are made to look like cell phones, flashlights, lipstick, etc.

    Price:These days, selecting products based on their price is a wise decision. You do not want to spend too much on these items when you can get them at reasonable prices. However, you should not settle for those that are very cheap. Chances are, these products can't really do what they promised to do.

    What you should be looking for are items that are from reliable manufacturers. To avoid fakes, only buy from reputable sellers. Keep in mind that these products can save your life. You won't need to spend too much for them. But, you also should not be stingy.

    Durability: As said, you might not be using these items too often. Some people don't get to use them as trouble hasn't come their way. Therefore, when you are selecting a self defense device, you have to choose something that will last a very long time. Keep in minds that there are those that have expiration dates. Those that run on batteries might need replacement batteries. Some parts of the product might also need to be replaced.






  • Simple Pepper Spray Guide

    As a Self Defense Product Specialist, I'm always asked by consumer what is the best pepper spray. Also, they want to know what type of pepper spray should they carry. These are excellent questions. Also, it good to see people express interest in their personal protection. Also, it;s good to see people express an interest in pepper spray because it' the most popular non-lethal weapon for self defense.

     Pink Pepper Spray For Women Pink Pepper Spray For Women

    Selecting a pepper spray can be a quite confusing task for most people, specially with so many different models, brands and chemical formulas to choose from. So the average consumer is often left wondering which one should be selected, given his/her particular self defense needs. I have provide a buyer's guide on pepper spray below.

    Understanding Pepper Sprays

    Difference Between Mace And Pepper Sprays: One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: "What's the difference between MACE and Pepper Sprays?" Our answer is: MACE is a just a brand name, just like Wildfire is another. No matter which brand you choose, you will still be getting pepper spray for your money.

    The Power Of Pepper Spray: OC concentrations refer to the amount of "Oleoresin Capsicum" (OC) that that specific pepper model contains, in relation to its other components (liquid carriers such as water, alcohol and organic solvents, plus propellants such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or halogenated hydrocarbons). Thus the higher the OC concentration, the most powerful that pepper spray will be.

    By the way, OC is an oily extract of pepper plants of the genus Capsicum (used as a spice in hot sauces, etc.). The active ingredient, "Capsaicin" (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide), is an inflammatory agent. According to The European Parliament Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA), the OC pepper spray will cause: 15-30 minutes of temporary blindness, 45-60 minutes of a burning sensation of the skin, 3-15 minutes of upper body spasms (which will force the assailant to bend forward), 3-15 minutes of uncontrollable coughing, and 3-15 minutes of breathing and speaking difficulties (these effects are non lethal, of course).

    That said, the second indicator of how strong the pepper spray formula might be is its SHU ratings. SHU stands for Scoville Heat Units, a rating that varies between 2-3 million units. It reflects the hotness, piquancy and effectiveness of this lawful kind of self-defense. Usually, the higher the SHU rating, the better.

    Knowing your defensive spray's OC concentrations and SHU ratings actually have very important practical implications you should consider. For instance, a woman who is a victim of domestic violence might be looking for the lowest OC and SHU pepper values that are still within the effectiveness range, maybe because she doesn't want the pepper spray's effects to be too severe on her husband after all. On the other hand, if her husband's behavior represents an extreme danger for her, or if she wants to be able to defend herself against any unexpected attacker (who may be stronger and taller than her), she might want to buy a defensive spray that has the highest OC and SHU ratings available (by the way, pepper sprays are not just for women: men use them as well - ask police officers if you don't believe us!).
    Yes, not all pepper sprays are created equal. But don't worry: after you read this three-parts free buyers guide, you'll be ready to go out into the consumer world and buy the absolute best non lethal pepper spray for you and your loved ones. So let's get started!
    That doesn't mean there are absolutely no differences, though. MACE is not just pepper spray: it may contain additional ingredients such as tear gas (a powerful irritant) for added incapacitating effects. Additionally, while its chemical formula might be suspended in liquid carriers (just like regular pepper sprays), other MACE models use gel and foam as carriers instead. Thanks to that, some MACE defensive sprays have longer firing ranges and stronger blowback protection than other brands.

    However, other brands may actually offer you a much stronger pepper formula than MACE (take Wildfire, for instance). Specifically, MACE usually contains less than 10% pepper (unless otherwise specified), while other brands offer you as much as 10% and even 18% pepper formulas. Because of that, you might want to consider other pepper spray brands as well (not just MACE), depending on what your individual needs are (for instance, you may need to sacrifice MACES's additional features for a defensive spray with the strongest pepper formula, specially if you live in a high-risk crime area). That leads us to the next question.


  • Simple Way To Protect Your Valuable Diversion Safe


    With our economy in a recession and crime on the rise, what better place to hide your valuables than in plain sight. It puts the odds in your favor when a burglar enters your premise, because he would never guess your valuables would be hidden right in front of his nose. Diversion safes are unique and provide security for your prized possessions - jewelry, money, important documents, etc.

    Thermometer Diversion Safe Thermometer Diversion Safe

    Diversion safes come in a wide variety of containers with removable tops and bottoms. Just place your valuables inside and put the containers in their rightful places. How about a salt shaker? Or peanut butter jar? Maybe a shaving cream can? Or a book? How about a fake stone? A soda can? And even a wall socket? A cleanser can? A fruit or vegetable can? A dog food can? All these products are labeled with a brand-name. You can't tell the fake from the real!

    Why Use a Dummy Safe as Cover for Hidden Safes?

    Installing a dummy safe is also observed as a quite effective way of having or complementing a diversion safe. A safe is built and positioned at a conspicuous spot with products of no real worth placed on the inside. As an example, you may visit a low cost jewelry shop and get some very low quality and minimal value beaded necklaces and place them within the safe.

    An intruder might assume this may possibly have some sentimental value to suit your needs and determine to pick the jewelry or forget it. In either case, there is going to be no loss for you. The dummy safe normally goes hand in hand having a real safe which is hidden from sight. One particular spot where this hidden safe is occasionally kept is within the door of the dummy safe. Obviously, this needs to be performed in a really discreet way in order to not betray this hidden compartment.

    What are Some Typical Designs of Diversion Safes?

    A diversion safe can be constructed from anything at all. One of many most common styles could be the traditional book hidden safe. In this instance, the safe seems to be like an ordinary book. Nonetheless, the diversionary objective from the book gets to be distinct when one opens the book and sees the hollowed middle in which crucial documents and valuables can be stored. Unless they may be intimately privy for the goings on with your property, it is extremely unlikely that an intruder will start to through your shelf of books to discover which book is really a diversion safe.

    Merchandise Cans are also becoming used as diversion safes. A can hidden safe is simply a can or a jar produced to look like a food can, drink can, body care cosmetics cans, cleaning product can or another common spot solutions typically packed in a can. As with any diversion safe, both style and area plays a crucial aspect in profitable concealment. The more common a can hidden safe seems to be and is situated, the tougher it really is for anyone to suspect that the can serves an out-of-the ordinary purpose.


  • Mini Covert Pepper Spray For Women

    Mini Covert Pepper Spray For Women

    Lipstick Pepper Spray For Women Lipstick Pepper Spray For Women

    In these trying times it is very important to make sure you are safe. I'm sure you have noticed the economy is on the way down. But there is something that is happening as a result that may not be so obvious to many of us. That something I'm talking about is the rising crime rate. It has been confirmed that the sudden explosive job losses has resulted in may regular people turning to desperate means. This can be home invasions, muggings, or even rape.

    Fact is, we are all at risk. There is nowhere in the United States that is exempt from crime. It happens in all areas and to people of all walks of life. Some areas you may be at a higher level of risk than others but the point is that no one is immune.

    That's where self defense products come in. Today I want to talk about a perfect solution for all the women out there. I have been in the self defense business for some time and have talked to many women about their protection needs. One thing that I hear very frequently is the fact that most women do not want to carry around a big stun gun or bottle of pepper spray. They want something that is discrete and can be taken with them everywhere. This is why the mini covert lipstick pepper spray  is so important.

    This is where lipstick pepper spray comes in handy. For those of you that have never seen lipstick pepper spray, it is a small bottle of pepper spray that is made to look like a tube of lipstick. It contains enough spray to be used a couple times.

    When you find yourself in a self defense situation it is very important to have every advantage you can get. One big advantage is the element of surprise. When an attacker is heading in your direction he is thinking it is going to be an easy score, grab the purse and get out of there. Well you can simply pull out your lipstick pepper spray without him knowing it is anything but lipstick. When he gets close, BAM! You give him a good spray and he is on the ground gasping for air.

    Pepper Spray is a high means of self defense for a couple reasons. Number one it contains a high quality pepper spray that is able to take down most attackers in a matter of seconds. And the second, perhaps the best benefit, it is very incognito. Due to the fact that it looks just like lipstick it is possible to have it in your hand when you realized someone is approaching you can use it without the suspect knowing you had it.

    It will give you up to 15 minutes to escape from the situation. That can be the difference between life and death. Now imagine that same situation except you do not have anything for protection. What would you do? The outcome would surely not be as nice.

  • Women Stay Safe With The Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit

    When you read the news, you see on many occasions women have been robbed and raped as result of their vehicle breaking down. Some women even get carjacked when they get out of their vehicle. The Ulitmate Vehicle Safety Kit is a excellent safety kit for women that ride in the car a lot alone. Also, it a great kit for women that travel alot our of town alone in a vehicle. This kit offers total protection.

    Safe Family Life Kit For Women Safe Family Life Kit For Women

    If you think for one minute that your car is a safe haven for you think
    again. Everything from car-jackings to all sorts of emergencies,
    mechanical and weather related. Phony police stops and parking lot
    safety, burglary and theft are more of the potential dangers.

    What Does The Vehicle Safety Kit Include Total Protection

    You get 5 Special Safety Reports that are designed
    with your safety and security in mind while you are traveling in your
    vehicle and are a great resource for staying safe in your car, truck or

    --Car-Jacking Prevention and Plan of Action

    --How To Prevent and Manage Auto Emergencies

    --How To Protect Your Car From Burglary or Theft

    --What To Do If You Are Stopped By The Police

    --What You Need To Know About Parking Lot Safety

    The Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit is specifically structured to make the
    time you spend in your vehicle safer. It contains a wide variety of
    safety products and a instructional booklet on how to use them. And it has a DVD showing how to use them too.

    The Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit includes the following products: a four in one emergency tool; a nap alarm both of which are great for truck drivers too; a 9 LED flashlight; a ½ oz pepper spray with visor clip; ½oz pepper spray with key chain attachment; a diversion safe to hide valuables; all needed batteries and a manual that shows you how to use all the products and a DVD that demonstrate show all the products are used.

  • Unique Self Defense Devices For Ladies Stun Gun Pen

    Pen Stun Gun For Self Defense Pen Stun Gun For Self Defense

    One of the most popular Self Defense Weapons for women are Stun Guns. One of the stun guns that women seem to love and depend on for their personal safety is the Stun Pen. The Stun Pen is one of the smallest stun guns for women. Although it is small, it's very effective and powerful. When Stun Master made this Stun Gun they specifically had women in mind.

    Media portrayal of stun gun pens is often feminized. As a small self defense tool, they are often stigmatized as the less effective and less masculine version of a proper stun gun.  However, they are very powerful and dependable when it comes to stopping an attacker.

    Stun gun pens are popular with women who are looking for extra protection. Female users like their size and shape, which allows them to carry it discretely in their purse or pocket. Women also like that stun pens are easy to handle and easy to maintain. After all, stun pens are powerful, safe, discrete, affordable, and of course - highly effective. These traits that we are all looking for in a self-defense tool - men and women alike. The stun pen's small size allows for easy and safe storage, ensuring that this self-defense tool does not end up in the hands of a minor.

    Stun pens are small and discrete. They are usually less than 7 inches long and no more than 1 inch in width. This makes them easy to fit into your jean pockets or even a small clutch handbag.
    Women appreciate that their stun pen will fit in any purse or jacket pocket, ensuring that no matter what they are wearing, it will be sure to match. Although men may not be troubled by choices between protection and fashion, there are still times when a small and discrete stun tool is best.

    Stun pens run on simple and cheap Alkaline Batteries. These batteries are easy to find in stores, ensuring that you are always well powered and ready to stay safe.



  • How Can Women Protect Themselves Against Criminals

    Self defense is a growing problem in an ever more violent world. The majority of women, in fact, know their attackers. This puts them at an even greater disadvantage because they may not suspect that trouble is brewing. For them, women's self defense products can be lifesaving. The key is in finding the best choices in self defense items.

    Pepper Gun For Self Defense Pepper Gun For For Women

    With the recent rise in crimes against women, women are becoming more concern about their personal safety.  They are investing more in self defense weapons. The objective of the article below is to discuss various self defense devices that are available for women and their protection.

    Personal Protection Devices For Women

    Personal Alarms: Alarms may also be used as women's self defense weapons. When an attacker hears a loud, shrill noise, he is more likely to back away and leave the scene. Personal alarms are also often disguised. Sometimes they take the shape of flashlights, and may also contain pepper sprays. Other personal alarms are small and sleek, but have a flashlight included in their design for women's self defense. There are also personal alarms that are shaped like key chains or can be attached to key chains.

    Lipstick Stun Guns: In many cases, the best self defense items women can use is the lipstick stun gun. It is small and disguised. Also, it has 3 million volts. This stun gun has disabling pins so that they will be useless to the attacker if he grabs it away from the woman. After all, a stun gun is 85% effective but tasers are virtually 100% effective.

    Pepper Sprays: There are a variety of pepper sprays for use as self defense weapons. Some of them are even better than the rest in that they are easily disguised. Some may have pepper sprays contained in a lipstick tube-shaped device. Other pepper sprays come in the form of rings and other jewelry. These types of self defense items make it easy to surprise an attacker.

    Tasers: Tasers are excellent self defense device for women.  Tasers will stop any aggressor, no matter how big or how crafty. What is more, tasers are good for up to 15 feet from the target. That means that the woman need not give the attacker the chance to take over her self defense weapons.


  • Simple Things You Should Know Before Carrying A Stun Gun


    Stun Guns are the second most popular non-lethal weapon for Self Defense. Pepper Spray is the first. Stun Guns are great for women because they are powerful. They are great for taking down an attacker. Also, they are easy to use and conceal. Furthermore, they fit well in a woman's purse. Stun Guns are popular with women because they are great for up close fighting and attacks. The article below show just how important stun guns are to women.

    Stun Gun For Personal Safety Stun Gun For Personal Safety

    Are Stun Guns Safe

    A stun gun is not harmful in any way because all it does is to shock the attacker and will not cause any permanent damage. Your goal is to render the attacker helpless. The effect from a stun gun is to the area that is affected and it does not pass through the body to harm any organs. It cannot kill anyone.

    Why Are Stun Guns So Effective
    Stun guns are self defense weapons that woman can use to protect themselves against crime. It is a hand-held device that releases a voltage on the intruder and produces shock waves. Stun guns are not gender specific. However, many manufacturers are seeing the need for specialized stun guns for women are they are becoming quite popular. This is because of the increasing number of attacks that women experience more than men do. Stun guns have become the self defense tool of choice for a lot of women including pepper spray as well.

    Are Stun Guns Legal

    Stun guns may be restricted in some areas, but for the most part, it is legal in most areas. You have to check your local area to find out before you purchase the stun gun.




  • Self Defense Devices You Should Know About

    Taser Self Defense Device Taser Self Defense Device

    Self defense is a growing problem in an ever more violent world. The majority of women, in fact, know their attackers. This puts them at an even greater disadvantage because they may not suspect that trouble is brewing. For them, women's self defense products can be lifesaving. The key is in finding the best choices in self defense items.

     Women are subjected to crime daily. Every time we look at the news a woman has either been murdered, kidnapped, assaulted, raped or subjected to domestic. There are several ways to combat some of these problems and diminish the attacks on women. One of the best things women can do is start arming themselves and fighting back. Women have to be prepared. Stun Guns, Tasers and Pepper Spray are excellent Self Defense Weapons for women.


    Popular Stun Guns For Women

    In many cases, the best self defense items women can use are stun guns. There is a large variety to choose. Many of the self defense products are small and easily disguised. One type of stun guns used for women's self defense is made in the shape of cell phones. They carry charges of as high as 3 million volts. The best of these stun guns have disabling pins so that they will be useless to the attacker if he grabs it away from the woman. The Popular Stun Guns for women are the lipstick stun gun, Runt Stun Gun, Lil Guy Stun Gun And Slider Stun Gun.


    Pepper Sprays

    There are a variety of pepper sprays for use as self defense weapons. Some of them are even better than the rest in that they are easily disguised. Some may have pepper sprays contained in a lipstick tube-shaped device. Other pepper sprays come in the form of rings and other jewelry. These types of self defense items make it easy to surprise an attacker.

    Personal Alarms

    Alarms may also be used as women's self defense weapons. When an attacker hears a loud, shrill noise, he is more likely to back away and leave the scene. Personal alarms are also often disguised. Sometimes they take the shape of flashlights, and may also contain pepper sprays. Other personal alarms are small and sleek, but have a flashlight included in their design for women's self defense. There are also personal alarms that are shaped like key chains or can be attached to key chains.

    Types Of Personal Alarms

    1. Electronic Pocket Whistel
    2. 2 in 1 Personal Alarms
    3. Mini Personal Alarm LED Flashlight
    4. 3 in1 130db Personal Alar With Light
    5. Mini Travel Alarm
    6. Keychain Alarm With Light
    7. Child Panda Guard
    8. Stun Gun Flashlight



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