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Stun Gun And Pepper Spray Self Defense

  • Protect Yourself With Bicycle Safety Lights

    If you have a bike,  the best thing you can do to stay safe is to have the proper safety lights.  It is a great idea for bicyclists to have the proper lighting on their bicycles. Many people are out and about after dark enjoying the nice weather.  A bicycle really needs a the proper lights.  In many states, it is the law that bicyclists use a lights from dusk to dawn.

    These days, with the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology being what it is, flashlights, bicycle headlights, and even other LED products, can be super bright. So with a battery operated, bright white LED bike headlight, you or your family members can be safe when out cycling at night or in the early morning hours.

    There are also great bicycle taillights on the market, which will cover you on the backside. These normally have a battery operated LED in a bright red. The taillights often have more than one function. They can be switched to a steady red light, or perhaps a flashing or blinking mode. Whatever the case, it is a great idea for the taillights, particularly if you are riding your bike on the side of the road where there will also be vehicular traffic. We were taught to walk against the traffic, so we can see the oncoming cars, but we were also instructed to ride a bicycle with the traffic, meaning that we go in the same direction of the cars, when riding a bike. For this reason, a bicycle taillight is especially important to have as a safety precaution.

    New Safe Steps Arm Band Red Bike Light New Safe Steps Arm Band Red Bike Light, Click Image

    New Safe Steps Arm Band Red Bike Light

    The Safe Steps Arm Band operate in blinking or steady on modes and are available in 6 colors. They're the perfect light for running or walking your pets at night too. Our armband lights operate on 2 CR2032 Lithium batteries (included and installed) and are ready to wear right away. Weather resistant.

  • Multi Guard New High Voltage Stun Gun For Women

    New High Voltage Multi Guard Stun Gun New High Voltage Multi Guard Stun Gun

    What is a Stun Gun? A stun gun is a gadgets or weapons which utilizes electric shock to temporarily disable the movement of a person. It is very similar in terms of operation and popularity as the taser. This weapon has continuously progressed along with modern technology. Many people have found this as a very useful tool which increases personal safety and it has already become part of their daily lives. There is a new High Voltage stun gun on the market that is keeping women safe. It is called the Multi Guard Stun Gun for Women. This is stun gun is gaining a lot of popularity with the women. It is powerful and intimidating.

    Important Facts About The Multi Guard Stun Gun For Women

    1. Easy To Use
    2. Easy To Conceal
    3.  Great For Small Hands
    4. High Voltage Very Powerful
    5. Loud Sound Function As A personal Alarm
    6. Bright LED Light
    7. Fits In Hand And Pocket Very Well
    8. Rechargeable
    9. Come With Holster
    10.  Life Time Warranty
    11. Rubber  Coating
    12. Comes In Different Colors
    13.  20 Million Volts


  • New Step LED Clip On Shoes For Night Time Runners

    Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue Safe Steps LED Clip On Shoe Lights for Runners Blue

    A lot of people like to run it night. I feels better and it is not as hot. However, there is a certain element of danger that comes with running at night.  People visibility diminishes at night.  Therefore, it always good for runner to wear protective gear that will make them more visible. One of the best safety device for night time runners is the new Safety Steps LED Clip On Shoes Lights.

    What Is the Safety Steps LED Clip On Shoes Lights

    Safe Steps operate in blinking or steady-on modes. These shoe safety lights convert all running shoes (and many types of other shoes) into instantly noticeable safety lights at night. If you are going to be walking at night, taking your dog out or jogging, this is a awesome safety device. Trust me when you are walking at night, you want to be seen. This safety device can help you with that. These safety light are good for children and those that like to ride bikes. The device is easy to use. Also, it is affordable. The safety lights for your shoes operate on  2 CR2016 Lithium batteries (included and installed).  The light comes in various colors such as pink, yellow, green, white, red, and blue.

    Fact About The Safe Steps LED Clip On Light For Shoe

    •Flashing and Steady-On Modes

    •Great for Campground

    •Weather Resistant

    •Fits Just About Any Type and Size of Shoe Even Most Kid Sizes




  • Brutus Keychain Best Covert Keychain Self Defense Device For Women

    Brutus Keychain Self Defense Device Brutus Keychain Self Defense Device, Click Image

    The Brutus Keychain Self Defense device is probably one of the best covert self-defense devices for women. Brutus is a bulldog keychain accessory that can be attached to keys and used as a personal protection device. This self-defense device is very compact. Also, it is made with ABS plastic that is resistant. With this self-defense device you have the power of steel wrapped in a defenseless looking dog-shaped keychain accessory. If you are attacked, a criminal will not even know this is a self-defense device. This will give you the upper hand.

    To use this self-defense device all you need to is put your fingers through the eyes of Brutus and watch the tips of his ears transform into a powerful pointed jabber that will keep a criminal from injuring or attacking you.

    Brutus Keychain Self Defense Device Features

    • Fits on Keyring - Stylish Accessory
    • Great Detailed Design
    • Eyeholes Fit Most Fingers
    • ABS Plastic - Impact Resistant Material
    • As Strong as Metal
    • Comes In Various Color (Pink, Purple, Black And White)

    Don’t be fooled by the plastic material as it is as tough and strong as metal. Brutus has two eye holes for you to slip your fingers through and wield Brutus like a knuckle buster. Brutus’ ears are sharp and can do some serious damage. Attach the Brutus. The Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain together with your keys so that it is always easily accessible.

    List Of Top Personal Protection Device For Ladies
    1. Flashlight Stun Gun

    The Terminator compact stun gun is a sure way to put your attacker down. It may look tiny, but this stun gun packs an amazing 25 million volts into your attacker’s body, rendering them immobile without killing or permanently injuring them. However, you’ll have to get close to use it, as in “up close and personal.”

    2. Lipstick Stun Gun

    At a mere five inches, this lipstick tube can hardly be called intimidating. Removing the cap, however, changes most people’s opinions pretty quickly. The Lipstick Stun Gun packs 3 million volts along with a 100-lumen flashlight that can blind your attacker. College students and young women looking for an easily concealable and inconspicuous weapon will find this useful, though it requires contact with your attacker to work and won’t incapacitate them.

    3. Wildfire Police Strength Pepper Spray

    Pepper spray is a more risky self-defense mechanism, but when used properly it can be incredibly effective. Wildfire is a powerful self-defense device it can spray up to 12 feet. You can carry it on your keychain.

    4.   Tactical Pen

    The tactical pen can be used as both a regular pen and stylus for computer screens. Its striking tip can deliver a powerful blow, but the aluminum material used would be better suited as steel for self-defense.

    5. Personal Alarms

    If you need to sound the alarm to alert people to your peril, there’s nothing quite like 130 decibels to do the job. Personal Alarms can be carried easily in pockets, purses and by hand. All you have to do is pull the pin and the alarm sounds. This device is most useful to college students when walking around campus. Although alarms are a loud and effective way to deter attackers, it is by no means a weapon to defend yourself with.


    6. The Cat Keychain Self Defense Device

    Cat keychains are adorable, aren’t they? Well, the thug that may end up on the receiving end will think otherwise as this one’s also an excellent self-defense weapon for women. The Cat Personal Safety Keychain is basically a set of brass knuckles in the shape of a cat’s head, with the eye holes being the grips.

    This one is made of plastic (they’re available in metal too) but don’t be fooled, they don’t break or even scratch easily. It also requires the ability to throw punches, but even young women without fighting skills may find this keychain helpful in warding off an attacker. If only if it were to give you some peace of mind while walking home in the dark.

    7. Kubotan Keychain Weapons

    The Kubotan Self Defense Device can be your best friend on those nights where you have to walk to your car by yourself. The nearly 6-inch stick is highly durable and delivers a powerful blow, but here’s the kicker: it requires a very precise, calculated strike to be effective.

    The Kubotan is meant to deliver strikes to pressure points. It doesn’t come with an instructional booklet but there are highly helpful videos on YouTube. You may think it’s best left to those with the proper training but on the other hand, women who know how to strike a punch can increase their reach and impact with this easy-to-carry, lightweight tool.

    What’s more is that going for the eyes, the upper lip, the sternum, upper rib cage or back of the hand doesn’t require any training. Hitting an assailant with it can proof a critical difference compared without the Kubotan.

    8. Key Chain Monkey Self Defense Device

    The Monkey Ball looks like some sort of odd keychain, but it’s a powerful weapon in the palm of your hands. This keychain contains a 1-inch steel ball wrapped in high quality paracord. Swing it at your attacker’s head and you may just knock them out.

    Attaching the keychain to a lanyard gives you more range on your swing and greater impact, but heavier opponents might be able to brush it off if hit in an area other than the head or groin. Use extreme caution when swinging your Monkey Fist because you might just injure yourself if you’re not careful.













  • Double Trouble Stun Gun For College Student Instant Protection

    It has become a growing problem on college campuses around the country. Young college women are actually at risk the most so they are the ones that need to be educated as quickly as possible.  It has become a dangerous world or so for women and women should really be prepared for anything especially if they are leaving their home for the first time.   If you are a young woman in the big city or walking home late on a college campus, it would be foolish of you not to carry a stun gun, Just in case an attacker decides to make trouble, you are at least prepared to defend yourself.

    On college campuses, there is a very realistic chance that men who are immature and intoxicated might sexually assault young women who are attending college. If you're daughter is about to head off the college and she has no tools to defend herself, you had better give her a double trouble stun gun before she leaves the safety of your home. It is not usually a one sided affair either. Sometimes young women can get themselves into some bad situations. Their bad decisions might leave them in vulnerable positions and they may need some protection before it is a little too late.

    ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun For College Students ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun For College Students

    Facts About The Double Trouble Stun Gun

    The Double Trouble stun gun fits perfectly in your fist. Using your thumb, you can flip the on switch which will power up a red LED indicator light signifying that the unit is live and ready for action. In the off position, the unit will not function even if the trigger is depressed. This helps to prevent any accidental discharge of the weapon.

    By carrying this item in your hand, a simple pull of the trigger using your index finger will fire this self defense weapon and cause the two pairs of electrodes to fire up and delivery shocking bad news to your attacker.

    This unit measures 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25". It contains a black and green rubber coated housing and operates on three (3) CR123A 3 V lithium batteries (included). This dynamic tool weighs only 6.9 oz. Even if the batteries were discharged, you can still use this item as a hand tool. When you hold this item in your fist, this tool can be used as a punching weapon since each of the two pairs of electrodes protrude past your knuckles.

    These extensions of your hand can function as "claws" used to scratch or poke the offender in the eyes and face. You could not do that with a C2 Taser stun gun or any of the "boxy" looking stun guns on the market. The Zap Double Trouble stun gun definitely will stop him in his tracks while buying you time to escape.

    Included with the Double Trouble stun gun is a nylon holster/carrying case. The Double Trouble fits nicely into the nylon case which has a flip top Velcro closure to maintain the weapon in its holster. In addition, there a metal belt clip on the back side of the nylon case that allows you to carry this unit on your belt or on the inside part of your purse.



  • Defend Yourself With The ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun

    ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun For Self Defense ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun For Self Defense

    The ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun is a uniquely designed device that you wear like a pair of brass knuckles. It's  powerful and intimidating stun gun. It has almost 1 million volts. Women like this stun gun. They can feel the power and confidence once they put it on their hand.

    The ZAP Knuckle Blaster is a great self defense weapon for women to take jogging or walking in the evening hours. You can just slip the device onto your hand and away you go. I have tried this stun gun, and it is great. Anyone woman considering a stun gun for protection would certainly want to place this stun gun at the top of the list when it comes to stun guns.

    With one hand you can reach into a pocket, turn on the ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun and bring it out ready to fire. It can also be carried in the leather holster that comes with it. This awesome stun gun has a powerful  950,000 volts. Just one punch that will drop almost anyone to their knees.

    With the design of the ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun you can control it with one hand. This device has a soft rubber skin and is made to accommodate all hand sizes. You just insert your fingers into the grip and close your fist and bingo..you are ready for trouble. The unit requires 2 lithium batteries and most dealers furnish a free leather belt holster with purchase.

    An increasing number of women are looking at non lethal self defense products to protect their family and themselves against crime. Self defense products such as stun guns are allowed in most areas of the United States with the exception of 8-10 states and a few municipalities who have some restrictions. Devices such as the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun help citizens to level the playing field and minimize the possibility of having harm come to their family and loved ones. Stay Safe!

  • Female Shoplifter Caught With A Stun Gun

    Don't Be Afraid Fight Back, Click Image

    It seems like young people today just don't want to work. Which was the case with this young lady. This 25 year old woman decided to go into a store and shoplift.  When police stopped her she had a stun gun on her. She took merchandise without paying for it. Read Entire Story



  • Stun Guns Under Fifty Dollars For Self Defense

    Continue reading

  • Man Kills 3 Women With No Regrets

    This article show that women are always in danger. There is always danger lurking around the corner.  This man killed 3 women with no regrets.  The article I read shows that we have a lot of mentally ill people in our society. Read Story

  • Deputy Shot A Man Thought He Used A Taser

    Stun Gun Fight Back High Voltage Stun Gun, Click Image

    When I read this story, I was horrified. I can image how this man felt as well as the police officer. This man was accidently shot by a police officer. The police thought he was reaching for his Taser. It was a domestic violence call and the suspect was out of control.  Read Here

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